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We have another salvage project sitting in the background, a 2003 Range Rover L322 V8, which we bought in 2020 at an online auction with panel related damage. However, the auction was not properly described and photographed, disguising some damage.

Range Rover L322

Previous owner’s photograph

It is a 2003 salvage rebuild Range Rover Vogue 4.4 litre V8 petrol and LPG powered project car of ours. We paid £1,550 for the car plus the transport delivery cost.

The BMW V8 engine has always started first time and purrs with no rattles or squeaks whatsoever. The auto gearbox and 4×4 axles/systems all seem to be fine too.

The biggest issue we had when we bought it was significant damage to the roof, where a horse ran into the car and ended up on the roof !  We were not informed that the whole roof was damaged, being led to believe the roof was damaged only above the windscreen. We had no choice but to remove and replace the whole roof, or to write the project off.

Please do take a look at the video below, it’s quite unbelievable. The video surfaced after we bought the car, someone recognised the car from a video doing the rounds on Facebook.

We have been video recording our progress with the rebuild of the car, but things have come to a pause since we bought the Ford Econoline RV, which is taking priority.

Some photographs of the damage and our repairs

Bonnet replaced
Horse hoof scrapped down door
Roof removed
New front bumper yet to be painted

Always something going on